October 13, 2018

SENSORY DESIGN – Discovering Design Through Simple Platonic Elements

Presented by Pentimenti Gallery and Studio of Metropolitan Design Architects

A hands-on workshop for anyone between the age of 9 and 99 (all children must be accompanied by an adult). Through a kit of parts which will be provided, participants will discover opportunities by designing a sculpture/ model using the limited number of elements which can be arranged in an infinite number of composition. Participants will take home their creation. Architects and Artists will be present to catalyze the process. Participants need not have any experience in design, drawing or model making.

One kit per attendee

  • 16”x 16”x ¼”       QTY 1
  • ¼” diam.  X 3”     QTY 4
  • 1” diam.  X 3”      QTY 1
  • ¼” x ¼” x 3”        QTY 12
  • ¼” x 3” x 3”        QTY 6


Assemble the wood elements in any configuration you see it desirable. Use glue provided to do final assembly.


  • There are no correct or wrong ways to do this.
  • Discover a form or pattern or . . . . .  that you find desirable and pleasing.
  • When you are ready, assemble the parts with the glue provided.

Limited to 30 Participants.



Saturday, October 13, 2018
04:00 PM - 06:00 PM

Petimenti Gallery
145 N 2nd St.
Philadelphia, 19106