May 4, 2018

Minima / Pentimenti First Friday

Each piece in this show is in response to our expanding industrial and consumer landscape, and the contraction of our rural, naturally open spaces. This collaborative presentation will run May through August 2018.




“Pockets of former fields and forests are rapidly transforming into constellations of massive horizontal buildings known as ‘distribution’ or ‘fulfillment’ centers.” These structures provide Steven Baris the opportunity and the geometric vocabulary to speak about the forces at play behind their growth while also speaking about their physical location in regards to the ease in which their inventory can be distributed to the consumer as quickly as possible.



His most recent work deals with forces projected onto manufactured and industrially engineered materials. Some of these forces are natural, such as an accumulated weight created by gravity and some are more forced like tension applied by testing an object’s flexibility to its breaking point. The demands put on these materials reveal and obscure structures of both their intended consumer use and the qualities of the material itself.  By use of marine vinyl, masonite, handmade half-scale 2 X 4’s, plywood, and found objects, he aims to question the way we physically interact with the tangible and manufactured structures of everyday life. Through an investigative manipulation that observes and skews nominal measurements, his work teases out our psychological relation to the dimensions and conditions given by such materials.


118 N. 3rd St
131 N. 3rd St
Philadelphia, PA 19106

May - August, 2018