Marguerite Rodgers Interior Design

Open the door to the offices of Marguerite Rodgers and chances are you’ll be greeted by a cat; you’ll also likely hear laughter. You’ll see the concept boards that trace the history of projects and ideas. You’ll see artifacts and objects that reflect the firm’s work on private residences, hotels, condominiums, residential colleges within schools and universities, boutiques, corporate offices, restaurants, and private clubs. The people who work with Meg share her commitment to craft, her ability to listen, and her pleasure in responding to and satisfying client sensibilities. They are interior designers and architects, people with a flair for color, texture, and materials. They are original thinkers who pay close attention to the kind of details that set custom furniture, cabinetry, and accessories apart. Located in a former warehouse building in Philadelphia, Marguerite Rodgers’s office is a warm, inspired place. At 25,000 square feet, the building also serves as home to other area artists and artisans who collaborate on various projects with the firm.



2131 North American Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Contact Information

215 634 7888